Friday, March 1, 2013

Search Smarts: Best Practices for Conducting an Online Job Search

Many professionals instinctively turn to the Internet when seeking a new job. But it's important to step back and consider the finer points of conducting an online job search before looking for employment on the Web. Search Smarts: Best Practices for Conducting an Online Job Search contains tips and best practices to help you successfully traverse this ever-evolving electronic environment.

Acing the Interview

A Robert Half International survey of chief financial officers found that job seekers make more mistakes during the interview than in any other phase of the job-search process. This news may make you even more apprehensive over the prospect of meeting with a potential employer, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, by preparing thoroughly for the discussion and understanding common pitfalls to avoid, professionals can turn this challenging situation into an opportunity

Creating Winning Cover Letters

If you want to make a strong impression with a prospective employer, start with the cover letter. While this document often seems like an afterthought, you should spend as much time perfecting your cover letter as your resume. Why?  This introductory note is typically the first thing hiring managers see, and it is the primary enticement for them to read your resume.

What Your Resume Says About You

This website offers resume writing templates, interview questions in addition to offering insight into what your resume says about you.

Career Tools

This website offers resume writing tips and tools, interview tools, and tips for dressing for success.

Creative Ways to Improve Your Resume

By Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor
Career experts are unanimous on the importance of customizing our resumes for each new job we apply for. But for many of us, when it comes to revising our resumes, the first question is "How?"

Four Things That Can Send Your Resume into the Trash

By Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor
You may be the perfect fit for a job -- but a hiring manager is never going to find that out if he trashes your resume after a mere glance. Even in this age of online professional networking, a great resume is still the foundation of a successful job search.